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The Renovation
7a Abbey Road

The old7a.jpg

The shop as we bought it July 2021

Oops no roof.jpg

Oops no roof no water no electric!

Stripping out.jpg

Stripping out begins

Stripping out 2.jpg
New roof started.jpg
Looking down.jpg
Beam in stairs out.jpg
stairs in.jpg
Wool shop lined with wool.jpg
Holding up the ceiling.jpg

New roof looking over Abbey Road

Looking on to the accessories area

Beam in stairs out

New stairs to classroom

The whole shop is lined with British wool

Holding the roof up

Windows out.jpg
Roof going on.jpg
Roof on.jpg
Floors classroom.jpg
Retail fisheye.jpg
Walls going in.jpg

Accessories room in the making

Start of a roof

Tim doing the sign.jpg

New roof on

Classroom with lovely floor

Retail area nearly ready

Accessories room plastered

Tim Fry signwriting

Yard as was 1.jpg

Yard part 1

Filled and ready 2.jpg

Units starting to go in

Yard part 2.jpg

Yard part 2

yard part 3.jpg

Yard part 3 and looking amazing

filled and ready.jpg
water 1.jpg

Lovely water feature installed

Day 1 Yarn room.jpg

Retail area view from the till

Retail area on 13 October 2022

Accessories Room 

And now day 1 October 13.jpg

The shop is now finished and open

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