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It has been too long in writing a update on the shop for you. But rather a lot of trips to A&E and Covid have dented the plans I had to write more often.

The shop is coming on well and currently I have a sale running with lots of bargains still to be found in wool,, kits and crafts.

The shop email was attacked and deleted from the web. New email is

You may have noticed radio silence in the Facebook page. My personal account was hacked a month ago and after 3 emails in from Facebook telling me to 'click here if it was not you' I found I had been locked out of my own account. Which in turn blocked my access to the Craft Centre Facebook page - very frustrating to be able to see it but not to do anything on it. What pleasure these sad folk get from doing this I know not.

I am in the process of building a completely new page called The New Craft Centre Bourne. I hope this link will work if not please look the page up and like if you would like to keep up to date on the goings on in the shop.

At the moment we have no heating (which of course I don't need at present!) because the heaters installed in the renovation were the wrong type and had to be removed. I have a new company (the one I wanted to start with) working on this, hopefully ready for autumn this year!

I am off to the trade show at the Pavilions in Harrogate in September where I am hoping to find lots of new ideas and stock. Do let me know if there is something you would like to see stocked. Always open to ideas.

I now have a full DMC spinner and shortly there will be a DMC canvasses spinner added too.

Hope to see you in the shop where I show you what new.

With best wishes



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