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Sad Shop Update

Hello everyone from my bed.

Sister in law has snuck the laptop upstairs! |

Well Monday the 13 May was not a great day. All set to return to work having not been well the week before. Getting up and going to bed I fell over I think my own big feet!!! LOL Ambulance sent by 111 A&E from 10pm till about 11am following day. Not broken or dislocated which was the first thoughts. Lots of soft tissue damage and sporting every colour of blackberry and apple crumble you can think of from the knee to the floor. Been on box rest since. Can not yet make it downstairs or get any foot wear on! So it is with much sadness that the shop will be closed until I can at least get shoes on.

Really sorry for all the inconvenient this causes you lovely customers. I will be back as soon as possible. Update as soon as I have a date.

With very best wishes |



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